Just-Math - Incorporating Individualised Learning into Math. Available at Farlim, Penang

Your child learns based on current math ability and not age. This is a powerful learning method that is suited for all types of learning ability, be they slow or fast learners.

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Just-Math - our worksheets are of international quality.

Our worksheets are specially designed to help students acquire superior calculation ability with minimal difficulties, yet the results are amazing. We incorporate the strengths of international brands like K*mon, Eye Level (previously Enopi), Monkey Math and Mental Arithmetic.

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Just-Math - Preparing students for High School Math

Our worksheets are designed to help students master the essential areas of mathematics to ensure that the learning of high school math becomes easier. Our worksheets are full of guided examples to help children self learn.

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Just-Math - Building the ability to concerntrate.

Our worksheet are designed to train children to concentrate on their work so as to complete their assignments accurately within the required time.

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Just-Math - Building superior skills in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Our worksheets will help your child to be comfortable in dealing with calculation involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In fact, they will be very good ..... in terms of speed and accuracy. Children will no longer need to depend on fingers for addition and subtraction.

Just-Math - Working towards the ability to study beyond school level.

Our unique system using individualised learning allows children to maximise their learning ability where they will be able to self learn beyond school level within a reasonable time. It is not unusual for children to be able to learn several years beyond their current school level. Example - a standard two child can perform complex division like 2345 divided by 22.

Small Classes for Form 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 OR On-Line Tuition

We have specially arranged classes of not more than 5 students per class. Charges are very affordable, only RM50 per hour. The charges can be shared among 5 students. Each student only pays RM10 per hour. A minimum of 8 hours per month. Students can also now attend personalized online tuition in mathematics, modern mathematics and add math at the convenience of your house. So long as you have a tablet, a writing devise, and a skype account. Contact me for further details

Just-Math - Caters for children of ages 4 and above. The earlier you start, the more effective it is.

As our program is individualised in nature, students of different ages and abilities can come to class together. Siblings of different ages can come and learn at the same time, saving on transportation and time. Each child is given a specially tailored learning program that suites their learning style.

[The results are just amazing. I never expect that my child could acquire the ability demonstrated. All these within 6 months. Definitely value for money........ Mr K.K. Tan.] ******************** [My child is a very slow learner. But with Just-Math, he is beginning to learn faster. Value for money when compared with international brands. ...............Mrs Cheah]