• If you are looking for a UCMAS math Center in Penang (particularly in Air Itam or Farlim) to help your child improve in mathematics, you came to the right place.

    Explore what “Just-Math” can offer. Visit our main page at to get to know how Just-Math give you better options in terms of study flexibility, lower monthly fees, depth of study, and relevance in the subsequent study of higher level math. Alternatively call us at 019-4728768. Not only will Just-Math Mathematics Centre help your child improve in mathematics using similar methods as UCMAS, but we are able to do it at a lower cost to you. On top of that, we are offering you a no obligation 2 free trial lessons for you to assess our program. Please read on.

    Our math program is the most cost effective specialised program in Penang. Our worksheets and program structure is equivalent to international brands like K*mon and Eyelevel Math. We are currently offering 2 FREE trial lessons for new students so that they and their parents can get to know how this program can help them in achieving good math mastery, especially on calculation ability. This program is especially helpful for children of ages 4 and above.

    When your child first enrol for the program, we will let your child undergo a simple assessment to determine his/her level of ability in mathematics. This will be helpful in proper placing into our program. We will start the program with a learning plan that is specifically designed for your child’s ability based on the assessment mentioned earlier. This will ensure that your child do not face major difficulties in commencing the program.

    Your child’s progress will be continually monitored carefully to determine whether they are ready for moving to a slightly higher level of difficulty. If they are ready, they will be moved immediately. If they still need further practice to master the required skills, then sufficient time will be given to them to acquire the needed ability. Once they are ready, they will be moved to a more appropriate level.

    The programs’ worksheets are designed with small incremental difficulties so as to make sure the child do not face sudden difficulties when assigned with worksheets to work on. Our philosophy “every child can improve” is build on these worksheets of small incremental difficulties.

    This program starts with worksheets that are suitable for children of ages 4. Here they will be able to learn how to write numbers using the correct key strokes for a start. Once this is learned, they will then be exposed to mastering the number sequence. Here they will learn to recite and write numbers from 1 to 200. They will also be given worksheets that will train them on the next number concept (i.e. which number comes after a certain number). Once the basic number skills are acquired, they will commence with addition. We will start them with horizontal addition involving small numbers. They will then progress according to their own ability to larger numbers as and when they are ready. Upon finishing the horizontal addition module, the vertical subtraction module will then be introduced. For more information about the details of the program please go to our Main Page

    Give your child an opportunity to be able to improve in their mathematical ability. You will not regret in getting your child to be engaged in this beneficial program.


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