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We are a math only tuition center. This means we have the ability to provide additional specialized support individually to your child to improve their math ability on an overall basis. No other math tuition center offer such facility.

Add Math Function

At Just-Math, we provide specialized math programs to help improve your child’s mathematics ability. We now offer a new math program designed to deliver form 4 and form 5 Additional Mathematics. While learning school syllables, we also provide specialized worksheets to your children to improve areas that were not effectively dealt with while they were at lower forms (e.g. standard 6, Form 1, Form 2, and Form 3). This means that they have the opportunity to improve in their overall ability.


All students registering for this program will undergo an assessment to identify the specific weak areas. Once these areas are identified, we will prepare special improvement program for them. The exercise to improve these areas will be incorporated into their learning period within the lesson duration.

All math practice, exercise and teaching will be done in class. At home, the child can concentrate on other subjects.


We also offer on-line tuition for all mathematics subjects, be it mathematics for form 1 to form 3, modern mathematics for form 4 and 5 as well as add math for form 4 and 5. All you need is a tablet, a writing devise, a Skype account an a reasonable internet connection. With on-line tuition, you can save on time, traveling cost as well as in the safety in your own home.

Our typical tuition session via online can be seen in the video below. As the tuition is life, students can ask questions there and then. The students will be given satisfactory explanation to clear their doubts whenever they face any difficulties. In you are interested in the online version, please call me at 019-4728768 to discuss the details and your requirements.



While you are here, we also take this opportunity to let you know of our individualized math learning program offered to children of ages 4 and above (up to form 3). Each child enrolling this individualized learning program will go through an assessment of their math ability. Based on the outcome of the assessment, we will draw up a learning program to address the children’s math deficiencies to ultimately polish them to excel in mathematics. This method of learning has been proven effective. All major International franchise math programs employs these methods to their development program. The added advantage offered by us is in terms of pricing. Our pricing is at least 50% lower compared to major franchise math program. To know more details of this program, please proceed to our main page at

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