Additional Maths

A very experienced math instructor will guide you in learning Additional Mathematics for form 4 and form 5. Our class is purposely organised in small classes to ensure each student receives the needed attention.


Our math program differs from other tuition centres. Each student that enrol with us will undergo regular assessment to determine the areas of weakness. The first 20 minutes of class will be allocated to address the weakness of each and every student using our well designed worksheets. After going through the improvement exercise, the actual delivery of math for classes in accordance with school level begins. Here your child gets an opportunity to improve in areas of weakness within themselves.

Example : A form 4 student attends our classes. In our normal program, the contents of form 4 additional maths will be taught. Say, during our assessment we found out that the student has a major weakness in the four operation of maths, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. What we will do is allow the student about 20 minutes to perform calculation on the weak areas before the actual delivery of form 4 contents. This means while learning materials in form 4, the students is also given the opportunity and materials to improve the cumulative weakness.


Come discuss with us on how to package a learning plan for your children. Call me (Mr. Kong) at 019-4728768 via normal call or via WhatsApp.


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