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If you are looking for an Enopi or Eye Level math Center in Penang to help your child improve in mathematics, you came to the right place. Not only will Just-Math Mathematics Center help your child improve in mathematics using similar methods as Enopi or Eyelevel Math, but we are able to do it at a much lower cost to you. On top of that, we are offering you a no obligation 2 free trial lessons for you to assess our program. Please read on.

Our math learning program is very flexible. In the same class and at the same time , there may be various students of different ages and learning abilities. Our worksheets are designed to handle all learning situations. This means that if you have two kids of different ages, they can come to class at the same time and learn math materials that is suited to their abilities. This way, parents can save time and transportation expenses by only making one trip for both kids.




Since you are here I would like to share with you a real life story about a student of ours.




John (not his real name) was born with a slight mental disability. Even though he is now 18 years old physically, his mental capacity is only that of a 6 year old. When John and his mother came to see me 2 years ago, he could not even perform very simple addition like 1+2 or 2+ 2 without the assistance of his 10 fingers. Recognising his disability and his weakness in simple addition, we started him on worksheets requiring him to fill in numbers, starting from 1 to 10. Once he is able to do it with ease, we gradually increase the numbers up to 20, then to 30 and so on until 250. Next we introduce the concept of next numbers, i.e. what number comes after one number. This is the beginning of the introduction of addition 1 concept. Once John is comfortable with addition of 1 up to 250, we introduce the addition of 2 and then 3, then 4, then a mixture of 1,2,3 and 4. This went on until he is able to do addition and subtraction of various numbers. Today, he is able to perform addition of 3 digits x 3 digits addition, e.g. 258+359 as well as 3 digit x 3 digit subtraction like 758-289.




Come and experience this effective learning method and see the difference in your child within 6 month of enrolment.



Our math program system very suitable to all learning conditions, whether the child is a fast or slow learners. Fast learners can progress faster without being slowed down by slower learners. Slow learners can stay on to master the necessary areas before moving forward. This means that no child is left behind with being able to master the necessary important areas.



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