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    Posted on November 29, 2017 by in Form 1

    Session Code : s1-1

    Welcome, this is the first session of the Free Tuition for Form 1.

    Remember to check the WhatsApp message for the daily videos and worksheets. If you have any questions please quote the “Session Code” so that I know which sets you are referring to.

    We shall go slow first. I will gauge your understanding and math ability and will maybe increase the pace if I feel that all of you can follow effectively.

    We will start with combining of similar terms within an expression.

    Enjoy yourselves.


    Ref : S1-1


    This is a supplement to check your skills on addition and subtraction of fraction.

    *Important* : Write your steps so that I know if you are handling the question correctly or otherwise.



    Remember, be committed to the program so that my efforts are worthwhile.

    Complete the worksheet in a piece of paper then snap shot to me for review. Any question please quote the “session code.”

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