Math Freebies Farlim Penang

We have specially prepared assessment worksheets for parents to assess the current abilities of their children in calculation skills.

  1. Go to the “Contact” page.
  2. Let us know your name.
  3. Let us know your email address
  4. Let us know the age of your child.

We will email you the relevant assessment worksheets and instruction to conduct the assessment yourselves. Let us know the results, and we will forward you a report of your child’s calculation ability.

You may like to know how we use the assessment test to draw up a learning plan that is suitable for your child. From the results of the assessment, we will be able to specifically identify the areas of weakness your child is facing now. That could be the reason that the learning of mathematics in school is somewhat difficult for your child. If the result points to the fact that your child is weak in addition beyond the adding of 3, then we will specifically assign related worksheets that helps rectify that problem. From here, we will observe the working on calculation and the method of calculation being employed by your child. We will then impart the proper methods to help your child in the learning and mastering the areas currently being in study. Once we see that your child is doing well in the areas assigned on, we will get your child to move on to more advance / difficult areas to further improve on mastery.

Our specially designed worksheets are prepared with small incremental difficulties so that your child can learn with comfort and confidence. With these worksheets, they will gain self confidence in dealing with mathematics on their own. This will lead to the ability to self learn in later stage.

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