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    Posted on October 17, 2016 by in General

    During the course of guiding children to build up capabilities in mathematical calculation, one disheartening measure that I noticed is that parents are not patient enough to allow (or more appropriately, support and encourage) their child to develop math skills according their own pace. Most parents are impatient in wanting to see quick improvement. In their impatience, once they experience some resistance from their child in learning, they are quick to pull out their child from learning and mastering skills in maths. I would like to point out here that these acts (stop the learning process) reinforces some negative attitude in children. These negative attitude includes but not limited to the following:


    1. It would reinforces the attitude that it is OK to give up if you face obstacles in learning. Ultimately it would reinforces this negative attitude later on in their lives.
    2. It would develop an internal expectation that if he / she (the child) expresses unwillingness to put in effort in overcoming difficulties, the parents would give in and not pursue with the matter at hand. So the next time they dislike or face difficulties in some issues, it would be best to express unwillingness, and they would get away by expressing resistance or unwillingness.



    Most households have working parents (both father and mother) and I know how tired you must be after a hard day’s work. I know it is difficult to make a stand against your children’s (the one you love) reactions, but you must bear in mind the negative outcomes as a result of your actions or dis-actions. You must take on an encouraging and supportive role as parents for the benefit of your love ones (your child), no matter how tired you are. Don’t give up easily on your children. They have tremendous learning ability if the right environment is cultivated.


    Just-Math Mathematics Enrichment centre here in Farlim, Penang offers the best platform for children to development the required set of skills to deal with calculation, or more specifically, Mathematics. Our fees are made affordable compared to other mathematics development programs in the market. Generally our fees are at least 50% lower. This is to encourage parents to give their children an opportunity to experience a learning method different from school or other tuition centre.


    If you have interest in learning what we do to help children to improve their math ability, please visit our main page at www.kongseongfatt.com or call me directly at 019-4728768. I am also available on WhatsApp or Facebook (Kong Seong Fatt) to minimise your communication expenses.

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