• What does it take for children in Lower Primary to excel in Mathematics?

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    Some parents wonder why some students perform well in mathematics and why some students just cannot make it in their school mathematics. Parents start searching for tuition centers to enroll hoping that their child can ultimately do well in the subject of mathematics. In a normal tuition center, every child study the same materials as everyone in the same class. This is just a repeat of the school system in normal tuition centers. Weak students continues to be weak and not being able to catch up with the other students who are a little above average or above average. Stronger students also has a constrain as they have to wait for comparatively weaker students to understand the issues. These environment makes learning very frustrating for students at both end of the spectrum. So, how do we solve this problem?

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    In “Just-Math” every student learns using materials that are suited to their existing ability. So how do we do it?

    • before commencement of the learning, each student will take an assessment test to determine their current level of math ability. 
    • looking at the result of the assessment test, the math instructor will draw up a learning plan for each student. We have the necessary worksheet for all types of situations whether you are weak or strong. 
    • the students will be assigned worksheets that are suitable to their current ability making learning easier for each students.
    • the students will be monitored individually to measure their performance in terms of calculation accuracy and time taken to complete the worksheets. 
    • if the performance meets the needed standards, the students will advance to the next set of worksheets which are a little harder.
    • Our worksheets are designed with small incremental difficulties. This facilitates learning for all situations, whether it involves weaker students or stronger students.
    • the students will advance based on their ability and skills. 

    Based on the above learning plan, students will be able to learn and advance at  smooth pace and will ultimately catch up to their school level and given time will learn materials that are beyond their school levels. 

    Learn Math thru WhatsApp.

    We are also duplicating the above system to deliver learning process through the internet, i.e. via WhatsApp. All worksheets, assignments, explanatory videos and the necessary learning materials are delivered to the WhatsApp account. Parents can also join in the WhatsApp Group with their child / children to monitor the performance of their child. All communication, assignments, submission of assignments and feedback will be available to parents to gauge their child’s learning progress. 

    You can register for a free 2 weeks trial for the WhatsApp version through  https://kongseongfatt-1.simvoly.com


    Once we receive the needed information from you, we will contact you with the learning plans for you to start learning mathematics through WhatsApp. The program through WhatsApp is even more effective as the parents are also involved in the child’s learning process. 

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