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    Just-Math is a supplementary math program that is of international standard. Our math worksheets are very well designed to facilitate the learning and mastering of mathematics for all level of students from pre-school to pre-university levels.

    The program contains 35 levels of maths study, covering a variety of topics taught in elementary, lower secondary and upper secondary school. In addition, Just-Math introduces students to more advance topics in algebra, geometry, set theory, probability and statistics.

    Like other supplemental programs, it develops strong computational skills from basic arithmetic through advance algebra.

    Basic Math

    Students develop strong computational skills throughout the program. They learn and master addition and subtraction with emphasis on both speed and accuracy.

    Moving on, students develop multiplication skills and discover its correlation with division. Fraction, decimals and percentage concepts are studied next.

    The basic four operations of arithmetic are applied and its order of operations is mastered.

    After completing this unit, students move on to algebra.

    Throughout the program, students strengthen their understanding of place value and number sense.

    Geometry – students identify and complete shapes, solve problem based on the perimeter and area of shapes and develop in-depth perception through rotating and transforming figures. Older students explore properties of three-dimensional shapes and solve complex problems involving triangle, circles and complex shapes.

    Algebra – Algebraic reasoning is developed through a variety of exercises. Student are challenged to find the missing part of number and search for patterns and relationship. Balance scale problems strengthen students’ understanding of equality and function machines help students identify mathematical operations. Functions will be studied later in the program to correlate algebra and geometry.

    Data interpretation and probability – students learn to analyse data presented in a variety of formats and answer questions based in that information. Probability and also counting methods will be explored throughout the program.

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