• Form 4 – Functions

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    Form 4 - Functions

    Form 4 – Functions

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    Functions is the first chapter of the Form 4 additional mathematics. In this chapter students are introduced to some elementary concept of functions. Students are basically required to have an understanding of the following areas:

    1. Relations between sets of data
    2. The types of relations between the data sets
    3. What constitute a function
    4. The composite function (meaning a combination of more than one function)
    5. The inverse of a function.

    We shall look at the above areas briefly via some video below. Students are required to practice on the questions of the subjects to achieve mastery.

    Now lets look at the first video. This video shows the components of relations between sets.


    The second video looks at the types of relations between the sets of data. Relations can be categorized into four main category, i.e.

    1. One to One relations
    2. One to Many relations
    3. Many to One relations
    4. Many to Many relations

    Only the first and second category above i.e. One to One Relations and the One to Many Relations are classified as fulfilling the requirement of a function. Item 3 and 4 are not considered functions.


    Now lets take a look at the video.


    The third video looks at the relations that fulfill the requirement of a functions, i.e. each object has only one image.


    Lets review the video.


    The subsequent video examines the area of Composite Functions. Composite functions are a combination of more than one function. Lets now examine the video to look at what a composite function looks like


    The next video looks at Inverse Function. This video will explain fully what it means by inverse function. Take a look to understand what inverse function means.



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