• Free Complete Course on Algebra – Part 4

    Posted on November 8, 2017 by in General

    We have come to part 4 of our Free Complete Course on Algebra. In this post students will learn on the theory of expansion of an expression. Some parts will require you to perform expansion first and then combining similar terms to simplify an expression. Although the skills appears to be simple, students will need to be careful especially when -(ve) signs are involved. Most students who has not mastered the art of expansion will make mistakes when dealing with expansion involving -(ve) components. Students will need to be very careful and always double check your working to ensure all requirements are applied accordingly.

    First, look at the video and thereafter attempt the attached worksheets. It would be best if students can practice the worksheets twice or more to get themselves familiarized with the techniques.




    Algenra - Expanding and simplyfying expression




    Algebra - Expanding and simplifying expression




    Algebra - Expanding and simplifying terms in Expression


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