• Free Complete Course on Algebra – Part 5

    Posted on November 8, 2017 by in General

    We are already in the 5th part of our series of “Complete Course on Algebra”. This post deals with expansion of expression with parenthesis. Students must be able include all components that are required so as to get the correct result. Ensure that you practice on the worksheet at least two times to get maximum benefit. If you are still a little slow in completing the worksheets (more than 3 minutes per worksheet), then you should repeat the practice until you get a better feel of the process.


    The below video is purposely prepared without voice (for the first time) so as to get students to be able to comprehend what is shown in video without voice. In this way students can concentrate and pay better attention.

    Algebra - Expansion and simplifying terms



    Algebra - Expand and Simplify expression



    Algebra - Expand and simplify expressions


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