• Free Complete Course on Algebra – Part 6

    Posted on November 9, 2017 by in General

    Welcome to part 6 of the Free Complete Course on Algebra. This post continues with the expansion and simplifying of terms within an expression. There are some -(ve) [negative] terms that students needs to be aware of. Take into consideration these negative terms in completing your exercise. Remember that in order to better yourselves in this subject matter, you are encouraged to practice on these worksheets at least two times. If you feel that the completion time of these worksheets are not within the required time, i.e. 3 minutes per worksheet, then repeat them until you are able to do so within the time frame.


    As with the previous part (i.e. part – 5) the video is recorded without voice. Hopefully you will be able to concentrate and follow the video more productive as compared to the “voiced” version.


    If you are interested to learn math on a long term basis and is interested to sign up for learning, please WhatsApp me at 019-4728768 for further information on how to enroll the program. Alternatively, you may want to click on this link : http://kongseongfatt.com/general/learning-mathematics-using-online-facilities for a more detailed information.



    Algebra - Expanding and Simplifying terms of expression



    Algebra - Expansion and Simplifying terms of expression



    Algebra - Expanding and Simplyfing terms of expression






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