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    This page is about the complete guide on Algebra. The contents are suitable for students in form 1 and above. If you find this page useful, please recommend to your friends. This is part of the Mathematics Program that I am offering online.

    In order to commence learning of algebra, one needs to master the art of combining similar terms within an expression. In view of this, we shall start with some work on combining similar terms. We start with simple practice first and then progress on with the ones that are a little more difficult. Don’t worry, the questions given will guide you along into more difficult terms.

    We start here with the first video.


    This is the worksheet that you should attempt after viewing the video above.


    Algebra - Combining similar terms




    Algebra - Combining Similar Terms



    Algebra - Combining Similar Terms




    Algebra - Combining Similar Terms


    Algebra - Combining Similar Terms - Subtraction



    Algebra - Combining Similar Terms - Subtraction


    This page will be updated on a daily basis, please come back for further discussion on the subject matter.

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