• FREE Form 1 On-Line Math Tuition

    Posted on December 2, 2017 by in General
    Pencil and paper with math

    Pencil & Paper with math

    I would like to offer students of form 1 free math tuition, but there are some conditions for the free tuition. The conditions are as follows :

    1) everything will be conducted online

    2) a minimum of 30 student needs to sign up, so for this session, encourage your friends to sign up.

    3) i will take in a maximum of 50 students for this free tuition

    4) places will be on a first come first serve basis

    5) you will need to WhatsApp me @ 019-4728768 the following:
    a) your name
    b) your age
    c) your phone number (as all videos and worksheets will be delivered through WhatsApp)
    d) your current school name
    e) the state of your residence ( i.e. Penang, Kedah, …..)

    6) registration will close on 15 December 2017. Videos and worksheets will be delivered starting 16 December 2017 if the needed number of students are achieved.

    7) your commitment to the program, i.e. you must submit all your homework. Anyone who does not submit homework will automatically cease to receive videos and worksheets.

    I would encourage you to inform your friends in Form 1 to join in so that the program can start and benefit students.

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