• In Form 4 and desperately needs to improve your math?

    Posted on October 21, 2016 by in General

    Joining form 4 this year or next year? Worry about Add Math subject? Presently weak in mathematics?


    Just-Math Mathematics Enrichment Centre can help you to improve your mathematics skills. All we ask from you is to have a positive attitude and work hard from now. We will provide you with all the mathematics improvement worksheets and guide you along the way in improving your math skills.


    Here in Just-Math we deliver specially prepared math program to suit the various need of each child in learning. Upon enrolment, your child will undergo a simple assessment to determine their current level of ability in mathematics. From these assessment, we will be able to determine their strength and weakness and will set up a learning plan suited for your child’s current ability. Their progress will be closely monitored to determine the mastery of each important skills. They will progress according to their ability. We can assure you that the progress your child experience here will definitely be faster than progress attained elsewhere.


    Whether your child is presently in pre-school, primary school, lower secondary school, higher secondary school or even pre-university, we have specially prepared programs to suit the needs of all students. Come in to our centre to talk to us. I am sure we can help your child.


    Just-Math Mathematics Enrichment centre here in Farlim, Penang offers the best platform for children to development the required set of skills to deal with calculation, or more specifically, Mathematics. Our fees are made affordable compared to other mathematics development programs in the market. Generally our fees are at least 50% lower. This is to encourage parents to give their children an opportunity to experience a learning method different from school or other tuition centre.


    If you have interest in learning what we do to help children to improve their math ability, please visit our main page at www.kongseongfatt.com or call me directly at 019-4728768. I am also available on WhatsApp or Facebook (Kong Seong Fatt) to minimise your communication expenses.

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