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    With our delivery system, you do not have to attend on site tuition classes. The result are even better than the normal onsite tuition classes. We ride on the internet infrastructure through WhatsApp to deliver effective learning. Here is now we do it:

    1. All learning materials will be delivered through WhatsApp. This is a one-to-one program that is suited to a student’s present skills and ability.
    2. We will do a review of the students current ability and we will design a program to address their weaknesses and shortfall.
    3. Videos through YouTube to explain more difficult areas. Students can review the videos multiple times to enhance understanding.
    4. After reviewing the videos, students complete the work assignment given to them. The student then take a snapshot of the completed assignment and send them to me thru WhatsApp. I will review them and give them the necessary feedback to strengthen their abilities.
    5. If students cannot understand certain areas, they can ask question until their doubts are all clear and do not face any difficulties to complete their assignment.
    6. Our assignment worksheets are designed with small incremental difficulties. This will ensure students learns effectively and independently.

    Our vast experience in delivering learning materials via the internet ensures that students learn with minimal difficulties.

    The learning fees are very reasonable compared with the tradition learning channel. Remember that the program is a one-to-one learning. The learning speed, area of coverage, progress is individual to the students.

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