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    It is a blessing that in our lifetime we haveĀ  reasonable internet facilities in terms of applications, connectivity and speed. These has opened up a very new avenue of how we learn skills that are useful in life.

    I want to present to you a new way of acquiring mathematics skills at the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection and some application that can facilitate communication between you as a student and me as a math instructor. The applications that I am talking about is apps like WhatsApp, Skype, an internet browser and our good old email. Most of our kids or rather students today have the skills and knowledge to use these applications available in the internet world. You can attend this learning through your smartphone, tablet or the good old personal computer.

    Using the internet to learn instead of attending normal tuition classes may be a new concept to most parents and students, but I would like to assure you that they are as effective or even better than attending the normal tuition class. Among the benefits of learning using the internet are as follows :

    1. You save time travelling between your home and the tuition center
    2. You save the time spent in waiting for the tuition class to commence and the time your child has to wait for transportation to pick them up or drop them off coming to the tuition center and going home.
    3. You save transportation cost and time needed to arrange for the transportation.
    4. You can avoid the traffic congestion as most tuition centers are located in crowded business areas.
    5. Your child can study safely in the comfort of your house.
    6. Students can be assigned practice worksheets on a daily basis (this obviously cannot be done using the conventional tuition class).
    7. Students can submit their practice on a daily basis by taking a snapshot of the work they done and sent them digitally using a variety of communication channels.
    8. Students can be charged at a lower fees as the tutor do not have to pay for rental of the space for tuition center.
    9. With todays user friendly applications, teaching materials can be prepared and viewed more vividly compared to the traditional blackboard or whiteboard.
    10. Teaching videos can be viewed multiple times to enhance understanding. This is especially useful for shy students as they seldom ask questions in class even if they are in doubt.

    Questions and solutions are posted on WhatsApp for the benefit of the group. Some of the posting looks like this:


    Here are the links that can demonstrate some of the learning videos distributed to students attending the internet learning.


    I will assure you that your experience with Learning Math via Internet will be pleasant and beneficial to you. All suitable available channels of communication will be use to make your experience simple and sweet.

    I would urge you to consider trying out the Math Learning via Internet. The discussion classes will be conducted thru skype between 10.30 p.m. till 11.30 p.m. depending on the subjects you want to consider signing up to.

    The subjects available are as follows :

    1. mathematics form 1
    2. mathematics form 2
    3. mathematics form 3
    4. modern mathematics form 4
    5. additional mathematics form 4
    6. modern mathematics form 5
    7. additional mathematics form 5

    The fee is only RM40 a month. You will get the following support.

    1. a skype discussion for once a week for one hour. You can ask anything about the worksheets and lessons for the past one week
    2. a daily dose of questions (usually 5 questions a day) on the lessons being conducted. i.e. short and simple – only 5 questions a day for 5 days a week
    3. you can ask any questions by taking a snapshot of problems and sent it to the WhatsApp group. The reply and solutions will be posted on WhatsApp Group where everyone within the group can benefit.


    If you are interested in the above learning channel, please communicate with me via WhatsApp at 019-4728768.


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