• Math Tuition Teacher Farlim Penang

    Posted on October 31, 2016 by in General

    Looking for a math tuition teacher or mentor that suits your style of learning is crucial in mastering your skills in mathematics. When a student first register for enrollment, we will allow the student to take a simple assessment to determine their present level of skills. With the result of the assessment, we will be able to determine the learning level of the student. We will be able to rectify any weakness the student is presently facing to ensure that they will not face any major difficulty  in learning mathematics.

    For students that are able to learn at a faster pace, the student will be able to venture into areas that are presently not yet covered by their school level (example : a standard 4 student can possibly learn areas covered in standard 5). Here the student will not be held back because the weaker students cannot learn as fast.

    For weaker students, they can use our system to strengthen any of their present weakness that is hindering them in their normal learning path. We will identify these weakness and provide them with the appropriate strengthening worksheets for them to quickly catch up with the lacking skills.

    In other words, our system of learning caters for all type of learning ability. Students can be strong, weak and normal. They can all positively benefit from our system of learning.

    Our math enrichment center is located at 32-B Medan Angsana 2, Farlim, Air Itam, Penang. You can also view our main page at http://www.kongseongfatt.com for a more detail information about our math enrichment program that is beneficial to your child. You can also call me (Mr. Kong) at 019-4728768 for more information. I am also available with WhatsApp and Facebook Message (Kong Seong Fatt) to encourage your information search.

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