• Math Tution Form 1 Pulau Tikus Penang

    Posted on May 21, 2017 by in General

    We are a specialized math tuition center presently operating in Farlim, Penang. We are presently expanding our tuition channel including on line tuition via skype to students who are not able or do not want to travel to tuition centers, students who prefer to attend math tuition at the comfort of their homes, including those who are presently staying in Pulau Tikus or the surrounding areas in Penang. We know that traffic conditions in Penang are at times very demanding, especially during the peak hours and weekends.

    Unlike most online tuition program, students only view videos to learn mathematics. Our on line program is different, it is conducted life and students will be able to ask questions on the spot if they face any difficulties. Questions given will be discussed after students are given the opportunity to work out the question.
    Students in Form 1, 2 and 3 will be covering the following areas in detail. We will give students sufficient practice, guidance and method of addressing the problems in their course of study. I will personally conduct each of the tuition sessions.

    1. Algebraic Expressions
    2. Algebraic Formula
    3. Indices
    4. Linear Equation I & II
    5. Linear Inequalities
    6. Polygons
    7. Parameter and Area of Circles
    8. Solid Geometry
    9. Transformation I & II

    Our program is also unique that we will communicate with students using their most preferred language of communication, be it in English, Malay or Chinese. Classes can be organized to suit your requirements.

    You can call me at 019-4728768 or visit our website at www.kongseongfatt.com for more information.


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