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    The online math specialist

    Why not try learning mathematics thru the internet infrastructure?  You get 10 daily lessons and video free with no obligation. What I am talking about is learning thru the communication channel, specifically WhatsApp. This program is delivered by a real tutor who reviews your assignment, comment on them, and give you tips on how to handle questions. We also monitor your progress individually to ensure you are learning at the optimal pace. We do not use software robots to deliver the program.

    You and your child can have numerous benefits by learning mathematics for using WhatsApp. Some of the benefits are as follows :

    1. Save time traveling to and from tuition center
    2. Save cost traveling to and from tuition center
    3. Avoid the traffic jam to and from tuition center
    4. No need to look  for places to park your vehicle while waiting for your child to finish tuition
    5. Avoid the stress encountered in item 1 to 4
    6. Parents and children can stay at home while learning
    7. Student can choose to learn at any time as learning and practice materials are delivered digitally to your WhatsApp account.
    8. Students can review the videos multiple time to enhance understanding of subject matter.
    9. Students can ask questions anytime as and when they face them. Guidance can be given to the student to be review at any time.
    10. Assignments are given on a daily basis in small doses so that the students are not overly-burdened.
    11. Parents can choose to know what the children are learning or how they are coping by being in the WhatsApp group between myself, the student and the parent.
    12. The fees are generally lower for online learning
    13. There are no additional material cost for photocopying as all materials are distributed digitally.

    The learning of Math thru WhatsApp has been extensively tested and students are happy with the program. All of them are progressing well.

    The internet learning channel are suitable for all students from pre-school and above. Child / Students of lower age may require some help from parents.

    The fees for the above program will be only RM50 a month. The program is done individually. This means you get a one-to-one tuition and guidance for your child.

    To register click here : https://kongseongfatt-1.simvoly.com/

    This is a sample of our delivery of video and assignments to students via WhatsApp.


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