• Why Choose us to Study Mathematics via the Internet?

    Posted on August 28, 2018 by in General

    Studying mathematics via the internet using our system produces exceptional results.

    So, why choose us to study mathematics via the internet.

    Our program over the internet has been in place since February 2017. It has produced exceptional result where students finds it easy to study mathematics thru this channel.

    Our program is very flexible and accommodates to your requirements.

    We have the basic package for students who wants consistent studying and do not want to have excessive assignments. Students will be given daily worksheets to work on. They usually take about 30 minutes a day to complete.

    The Enhance Package 1 is for students who wants to progress a little faster and who are willing to take on more assignments each day. Students usually takes about one hour to complete their assignments.

    The Enhanced Package 2 is for students who wants to progress even faster and are willing to take in even more assignments each day. Students usually takes about one and a half hours to 2 hours to complete their assignment.

    All the above packages are flexible. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade the packages on a monthly basis based on your availability of time.

    The assignment sheets are designed with small incremental difficulties. Students usually do not face much difficulties in the assignment given. In the case students have difficulties in completing the assignment, they will be given partial solutions to help them. Video explanation is also available for students who needs more detailed explanation.

    All assignments, Feedback, Partial Solutions, Video Explanations are delivered through WhatsApp. This means students can actually study and improve mathematics in the comfort of their home. You do not have to waste time travelling to and from tuition centers. The feedback/questions/enquiry will be given within 12 hours. However based on actual operations, you receive your feedback within 3 hours. At times, it may even be immediate if I am on my PC when your questions comes in.

    Our price is very reasonable based on the following : (1) its on a one to one tuition basis (2) you get daily assignments (3) your assignments will be marked and feedback given on a daily basis. The Basic Package for students from ages 8 and above until form 3 is only RM50 a month. Students in Form 4 onwards are only charged RM80 a month.

    If you want to enroll or want a free trial, just give me a WhatsApp message to 019-472-8768. Given me the following information. (1) Your name (2) Your Age (3) Your School Level (4) The State of your residence (5) The name of your school. I will contact you once I receive the above information. I will immediately forward you an assessment to find out your present math ability.

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