• The basic of Algebra – Adding Similar Terms

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    Learning Mathematics consist of many building blocks that students must master. The basic skills that a student needs to fully master is the Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. The ability to master these four basic operation is demonstrated when students are able to give answers almost instantaneously. Like 15+7, students must be able to give instantaneous answers at a glance of the figures. If the student need time to digest the numbers, then it is “not” instantaneous. As such students needs to improve the skills by practicing using our well designed worksheets. 

    Our worksheets are so well designed that students almost do not face any major difficulties in advancing learning by following our systems of ensuring that mastery is achieved. Our systems of mastery are build on two factors, namely accuracy in giving answers and the time taken to complete assignments. Once these measuring factors are fulfilled, then mastery is achieved. The students is now ready to move on to more difficult areas. The students will be constantly monitored using these two measures on each assignment given. 

    Learning algebra will be introduced upon the mastery of the basic four operations of arithmetic.   

    Introduction to Algebra
    Our worksheet is full of guided areas to ease the learning process

    Here students are given a step by step learning as well as guided examples to ensure the understanding of new areas. Student who still do not understand the guided examples will be shown video examples, the links to the video will be sent directly to their WhatsApp account. Our main delivery method is thru WhatsApp. All assignments, feedback, video links will be sent thru WhatsApp. Once the students complete their assignment they will take a clear snapshot of their work and send it back to me for a review and feedback. This far, after 2 years in operation, we have never face an issue that the students cannot proceed with the learning because of the inability to understand.

    The participants of this Math Program comes from almost all states in Malaysia like Kedah, Perlis, Butterworth, Penang on the north, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan on the Central states of Malaysia to the states of Johor, Melacca (Melaka) on the south. We even have some students from the East Coast like Kelantan and Pahang. 

    We give new students 2 weeks of free trial of Learning Mathematics using the Internet. Give it a try and find out the real convenience and easy of learning mathematics. Our programs are suitable for all students from Primary 4 till High School Mathematics. 

    To register for the free trial, go to https://kongseongfatt-1.simvoly.com

    We will contract you with the details how to commence learning upon receiving your information. Or if you want to personally contact me, you can WhatsApp me at 019-4728768.

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