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    Posted on September 30, 2016 by in General

    Just-Math is a mathmatics development center where children are able to learn mathematics based on their current ability. It is really totally different from normal tuition centers where every child in the class is being taught the same material, irrespective whether your child is able to understand the materials or not.

    In Just-Math, your child will undergo an assessment upon enrollment. The assessment will check the child’s current ability. Based on the result of this assesssment, we will start your child with a prrogram plan that your child is able to follow. His / her progress and worksheets assigned will be checked and monitor to ensure that they master the areas needed. We measure the mastery of areas using two components, i.e. the speed of completing the assigned worksheets and the accurrcy of answers to these worksheets. The children’s advancement in the program will be based on these two measuring components.

    Math For Kids

    Based on our exprience, every child following this program will be able to improve their math ability irrespective of their present conditions. We have all the necessary materials for each level of learning.

    Our program materials are comparable with major internatioal brands available in the market today. These international brands impose very high monthly learning fees. Our fees are at least 50% lower compared to these brands like Kumon Math, Enopi Math (presently renamed as Eye Level Math), Monkey Math, Singapore Math and many others.

    If you are interested to look for a specialised math development program for your child, try us out. We are very sure you will be pleased with the results. We offer free math assessment for your child so that you could know where your child’s strength and weakness are in relation to his present school level. Come to meet with us at Just-Math Center in Farlim, Penang. You can also visit our main page at http://www.kongseongfatt.com for more informatio.

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