• You are now in Pre-school (6 Years Old). What should you know in math.

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    When your child is six years old, the mathematics skills that your child should already mastered are as follows :

    1. the ability to read numbers at least up to 250
    2. be able to count objects by observing patterns (meaning able to group objects into grouping of 10). Counting 10, 20, 30 and so on.
    3. be able to immediately identify a next number given a number, for example if you ask the child what comes after 32, he / she should be able to answer 33 immediately.
    4. Be able to master addition of numbers up to a total of 10. Mastering here means that the child should be give answers immediately instead of pausing and then perform addition using fingers or mentally adding up the numbers. If the child needs to use fingers or slowly adding mentally, then the mastery is not yet achieved.
    Number Board

    Number Board is a powerful tool to build number positions of various number in relation to each other

    If your child do not demonstrate the above abilities by the age of 6, then your child needs help in mastering those skills. Failure to mastering the above areas will snowball into bigger problems in mathematics when the child goes to standard one, standard two and so on. The problems will only snowball into bigger problems later in their learning.

    Our Quality Math Learning Materials

    Our Quality Math Learning Materials

    We at Just-Math offers mathematics enrichment program that is designed to resolve problems of mathematics mastery in children. Our program is individualised in nature and is able to cater to all children of different learning abilities. Whether you are a fast learner or a slow learner, our program can cater for you.

    When your child enrolls for the program, we will conduct a simple math assessment to determine the present ability of your child. From the result of the simple assessment, we will be able to determine the areas of weakness your child is facing. We will then formulate a learning plan to get your child to learn mathematics based on his / her present ability. This means that your child will be able to learn mathematics based on his present ability and will face minimal difficulty in the studying journey. Your child will be closely monitored to ensure that the necessary areas of maths are mastered before moving on the next level of learning. With our math learning system, your child can progress smoothly in the learning progress and be able to master the needed skills.

    For more detaild information, please visit our main page at www.kongseongfatt.com

    We are available in Farlim, Penang. Our address is at 32-B Medan Angsana 2, 11500 Air Itam, Penang. Our mobile contact number is 019-4728768. You can also use WhatsApp to contact us.

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