• You are now in Standard Six, What should you already mastered?

    Posted on November 10, 2016 by in General

    You have completed your basic education up to standard six and is now ready to take on secondary education next year. In the area of mathematics, what should you already know? Or what should you already mastered so that you can move on to secondary mathematics without much difficulties? You may have already know some required basic, but you may not have been able to mastered the needed areas. Without mastering (i.e. having no difficulties to address any question to the related area) you would face enormous tasks in catching up when you move into secondary education. Here are the areas that you should effectively mastered to be able to do well in secondary mathematics, I mean really mastered.

    • basic arithmetics, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (you must be able to handle these questions like the back of your palm) here are some samples of calculation available on our worksheets.



    • effectively deal with calculation of fraction (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)



    • effectively be able to apply the BODMAS rules, i.e. Bracket Of (BO), Division (D), Multiplication (M), Addition (A) and Subtraction (S). Here are some of the samples of calculation available on our worksheets.


    • Basic algrebra, i.e. find X in an expression, some samples are as follows :


    Well, the above areas are specifically what you have to master by the end of your primary education before embarking on secondary mathematics. If you have not mastered all the above areas, you need to buck-up during this holidays.


    Good news is that students who enroll and continue their journey with Just-Math will not have any problems in any of the above areas.


    Come discuss with us on how we can help your child to do better in mathmetics. We are available in Farlim, Penang at 32-B Medan Angsana 2, 11500 Air Itam, Farlim, Penang. You can get a better understanding of our program by going to our main page at http://www.kongseongfatt.com or call me directly for more information.

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