How we prepare students for high school maths

When we talk about high school maths, we are talking about being able to handle a branch of mathematics called “calculus”. Calculus requires the accumulation of all math skills right from the basic level like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and a lot more skills at higher levels.


The journey to being able to handle calculus starts from the very foundation of four operations, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It would not be sufficient to just know how to perform these basic four operations, but students must be able to perform these calculation like the back of their hands. Here at Just-Math Mathematics Development Centre we provide the platform and materials for students to master all essential skills needed. We monitor students progress using speed of completion and accuracy of calculation. Once students are able to reasonably meet the requirement of speed and accuracy, they will move on to a higher level of difficulty to master other areas..


Once the skills in the four operations are sufficiently mastered, students must then venture into the area of dealing with fraction. Being able to identify Least Common Multiple (LCM) and Greatest Common Factor (GCF) with sufficient speed ensures that one can deal with addition and subtraction of fraction effectively. The handling of more complex computation of fraction using the BODMAS (Bracket of, Division & Multiplication and then Addition and Subtraction) is crucial for handling calculation involved in Calculus. Our worksheets are designed to help students master all these areas with minimal difficulties.

Then comes algebra, the handling of variables. These skills are also essential in the build up of handling Calculus. Expansion of expressions and factorisation of expression becomes the next frontier to conquer. Being able to handle the calculation of roots is also part of the requirement in mastering of calculus. Our worksheets are specially designed to incorporate various important elements to strengthen all required skills.


Here in Just-Math, we provide students with all the necessary support and check points to ensure students master each essential skills required to facilitate the learning of high school math.

Come start your child’s journey of mastering mathematics with Just-Math. With us, you are assured that your child will no longer face difficulties in mathematics. Learning mathematics skills will be second nature to them be they in pre-school, primary school, secondary school or high school. Come see us and get go know us by attending our 2 free trial lessons. You will be amazed to see the improvement in mathematics skills in your child.

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