Individualised Learning – the most effective way

Before we dwell into individualised learning, let us look at the conventional learning method.

The conventional Learning Method

Whether your child is in a school classroom or in a normal tuition class, they are segregated into classes that fits their age. Everyone, whether they are stronger or weaker learners, gets lumped into a class that caters for that age group. Everyone is taught using the same level of materials and progress along at the same pace. Here the stronger learner will need to wait for the weaker learner to catch up before the whole class can progress further and new materials are introduced. It may also be a scenario where the weaker learners are left behind as the class progress further. This is because the conventional class cannot wait for everyone to catch up. They only cater for the average students. This conventional teaching model can only be beneficial to all students if their learning capabilities are somewhat similar. If there are stronger or weaker students in the class, not every student will benefits with “normal” progress.

Stronger students gets frustrated having to wait for weaker students to catch up. Weaker students also gets frustrated when they are unable to follow the progress of the class, leaving them further away from the mainstream teaching as time passes.

The Individualised Learning Method

When a student enrol for our math program, he / she will undergo a simple assessment to determine his / her current ability. A student who is presently in year one may have difficulty in simple addition like 3+4, 4+2, 5+3,….etc. Under such circumstances, the instructor in the Just-Math Program will identify the commencement point and allocate the appropriate worksheet to the student. From here the performance of the child is closely monitored using time and accuracy as the yardstick. If the child can reasonably achieve the time and accuracy yardstick, slightly more difficult worksheets are assigned to the child. The monitoring cycle is repeated every time the child comes to class. This way, a child will never be left behind not knowing or mastering the required essential areas.

If the child is a strong learner, he will be able to progress faster than normal student. If a child is a slow learner, he is given the opportunity to learn and master the weak areas before progressing to more difficult area. Under normal circumstances, a child should be able to learn beyond his school level within 18 months from enrolment.

Give Just-Math a try. You will be amazed with your child’s ability to progress using this amazing learning method. New students are given 2 free trial lessons to understand this unique method. Give us a call at 019-4728768 to discuss your child’s enrolment.

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