Learn and Master English via Skype

We now introduce a new online learning for English via Skype. All you need to have is a Skype account, an internet connection and a tablet or personal computer with microphone and speakers to enroll in this online program. The program is a one to one guidance. All learning materials will be provided via the Skype account. All you need is to pay the learning fees. The fee is RM100 for 8 lessons. The RM100 must be fully utilized within 30 days upon commencement of classes. Any lessons not utilized will be forfeited upon expiry of 30 days.

Please email me at just-math@outlook.com for registration or you may call me directly at 019-4728768 if you need further clarification.

The learning method employed will be as follows:

  1. Articles and materials will be shared on Skype and specially tailored to suit the level of ability of the students.
  2. Students will be guided on reading, comprehension and speaking the language.
  3. Materials will be from all sources, e.g. newspapers, articles, books, worksheets, etc. The selected materials will suit the students level of ability.
  4. Questions will be asked about the contents of the materials to ensure comprehension.
  5. Students will be required to communicate only in English. This is to instill confidence in using the language for communication.

Online learning via Skype offers a range of advantages to the students and the parents, among which are as follows:

  1. Students save travelling time to and from house to physical learning location.
  2. Parents save time, transportation cost and inconveniences in bringing the child to the physical learning location.
  3. Your child can learn from the safety of home environment.

While you are we are pleased to inform that we offer learning of Mathematics for students in form 1 to form 5, also via Skype.

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