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Looking for a good Math Program for your child? Our program is flexible, cost effective and prepares your child for learning mathematics at higher levels.

We operate a Mathematics Development Centre in Farlim, Air Itam, Penang. Our centre address is at 32B Medan Angsana 2,  Farlim, Air Itam, Penang. Our Mathematics Development Program is similar to major international Math Programs in terms of material quality and methods. In other words, what you can achieve with the more expensive international Math programs you can achieve in Just-Math with much lower cost. Logic, you need not pay for costly royalty.

Our quality math worksheets are designed with small incremental difficulties. This means your child will be able to progress in mathematics without much difficulties. On top of the small incremental difficulties incorporated in our math worksheet, the program is delivered on an individualised basis. Your child will learn mathematics based on their current math ability and not in normal classroom environment where all students learn the same subject and same difficulty level at the same time. Under the “normal classroom” environment of a normal school class or tuition class, some students will always be left out. In our program, no students will be left out. Each student will not only learn the essential area, but also given the opportunity to master all required skills to be good in mathematics.

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Location Map

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