Math Program For Kids

Children learns and absorb best while they are young. If your child is 4 years and above, you can enrol him / her in our specialised math development program. This program is designed to build superior calculation ability in children. This set of math skills will be useful when they enter the mainstream school from primary level up to high school level.

Addition Flash Cards

Addition Flash Cards helps to strengthen brain development.

Our math program is designed to deliver math learning using the Individualised Learning Method. Your child learns based on his / her current ability and will progress based on their own ability. If they can learn fast, they will progress based on their ability. If they learn slower, they can stay back a little to learn and master the essential area within the levels that they are in. All children will be able to progress to their present school level and from there, they will be able to learn areas that are beyond their current school level. (e.g. standard 4 students are able to work on standard 6 math).

Math For Kids

Our program caters for children from as young as 4 years old right up to high school.

Name, Date, Time

Students will need to fill in their name, Date and completion time.

Come to our math centre to enrol for a free assessment test to find out your child’s current math ability. We will let you know how you can help improve your child’s math ability.

Number Board

Number Board is a powerful tool to build number positions of various number in relation to each other

Please visit us at our home page at for a proper navigation to find out the true potential of Just-Math. You can also call us at 019-4728768 (normal calls or WhatsApp) for more information.

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