Catering for children of all ages (4 years and above)

The Just-Math Mathematics Program caters for children of ages 4 years and above. However if your child is younger, but is able to independently write numbers of up to 10, he or she can join the program. For young children, we start by building their ability to recognise and master the numerical sequence of up to at least 250. We next introduce the concept of the “next number” so that they know what number comes after a certain number. Example : if a child is given 16, he / she must be able to give 17 as the next number. Each student’s progress will be individually monitored and suitable worksheets will be assigned during each class visit. This will ensure that the child is learning at the optimal level. The process of monitoring and advancing is conducted at each class visit to ensure that each worksheet assigned is at the “Just-Right” level of difficulty. Your child will never face sudden increase in difficulty to a level that learning becomes stressful.

The “Just-Math” program is designed to be delivered on an individualised basis. This means that every child has his / her unique learning plans. The learning plan is adjusted by monitoring the progress of their learning at each class visit. As the learning plans for the “Just-Math” program is individualised, siblings of different ages can attend classes at the same time, saving on parents’ time and transportation cost.

You may have more than one child in your family. All of your children can attend classes at the same time but each of your child will have a different study plan suited to them individually.

“Individualised Learning” is a very powerful concept. It caters very well for all children whether they are fast learners, average learners or slow learners. If your child is a fast learner, he or she can progress faster and need not wait for other  to catch up before moving to the next area. If, however your child is a slow learner, he or she can take time to really master all important areas before moving to the next level. The “Just-Math” also caters well for  children with learning difficulties. They can stay on at a particular level to really master certain concepts before moving on to a new area.

Basically the “Just-Math” Mathematics Program is suitable for every learning style, including those who have learning difficulties.

Bring your child to our math centre for a free assessment. We will let you know which particular area your child is lacking.

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