Math Tuition Farlim Penang

Ability to perform calculation with accuracy and speed is what makes the difference in your grades for math. We all know that in all mathematics test / exam students often complains that not enough time is given to complete the test. Even if you can complete the test, often there is not enough time is available to recheck your calculation. This is the greatest disadvantage of an average student. You can actually remove this disadvantage by building up your calculation speed and accuracy.

Under the ideal situation, if a student is given two hours to complete the test / exam, students should complete their calculation and writing in half the time allocated. The remaining time should be used for checking and reconfirming your workings so that your can improve your grades.

At “Just-Math” we train students to be able calculate with speed and accuracy. Speed and accuracy will give our child the greatest advantage over other students in securing higher grades.

If your child is 4 years old and above, you can enrol into this very special math development program to give your child the advantage. Our fees are very reasonable. Non of any specialised math development program available in the market can match our pricing. Our fees are at least 50% lower than the average market fees. On top of the fees advantage, our learning materials are of international quality that can help your child achieve better grades.

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