Building the ability to concentrate

There is a very clear difference between Mental Arithmetic and “Just-Math”. The clearest difference is that mental arithmetic concentrate specifically in the four operations of arithmetic. This means they do not cover areas beyond arithmetic (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Another key feature of mental arithmetic is in the use of “beads board”. Children will need to learn and master the use of the bead boards before learning addition, subtraction and division.

The program structure of “Just-Math” goes beyond arithmetic, i.e. we also cover areas like dealing with fraction, algebra, equations, and beyond. In fact our program runs to incorporate high school mathematics in areas like calculus and statistics. Get to know us more by visiting our HOME page.

When a child attends classes in Just-Math, they are assigned worksheets that they need to complete in class. The assigned worksheets to be attended in class will be monitored to identify current weakness (if any), and these weakness will be corrected in class. They will also be assigned worksheets that they will need to complete at home. Students are required to write their names, the date the worksheet is being done (in class as well as at home), the starting time and the completion time of the worksheets. Here the class instructor will use these data to measure if the students has indeed mastered the skills needed in a certain set of worksheets. Each set of worksheets will have what we call the “Standard Completion Time” and the maximum number of errors that should not be exceeded before being allowed to progress to next set of worksheets.

Imagine that if students are consciously required to complete the worksheets within the require time with the allowed level of accuracy on each set of worksheets they are assigned to, this will definitely help improve their level of concentration. If sufficient level of concentration is put in while working on their worksheets, they will have no difficulty in meeting the measurement established to measure their ability and skills needed.

Name, Date, Time

Students will need to fill in their name, Date and completion times

Sample of Worksheet heading – The Starting Time and the Completion Time are crucial information needed to assess the child’s ability to concentrate while working on the set of worksheets. We encourage parents to monitor their child when they are working on the assigned worksheets at home. Make sure they fill in all the information required, i.e. the name, the date, the starting time, and the completion time when handling their worksheets.

All these requirements indirectly builds the ability of students to concentrate and work to improve their skills.  These measures can only be met if the students put in a certain level of concentration in performing their classwork as well as homework. If they do not concentrate sufficiently, most probably they will not be able to complete the worksheets in the required time with the needed level of accuracy. If students are not able to meet these measurement requirement, most likely they will need to repeat the same worksheet again until they are able to do so. The number of repeats really depends on the child and the environment they are working in. It is therefore important to have conducive studying environment for the students in class as well at home while working on the worksheets.

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