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Learning mathematics using the most effective method, our On-Line Learning of Mathematics. The internet has come a long way since we first know what internet is about. Internet is no longer only the World Wide Web. Today it encompasses the WWW, Mobile Apps, Mobile Communication and many more applications. With a diverse way of communicating and passing of knowledge, the internet is an excellent means of learning. It is low cost, convenient, and easy to use. Today, almost all students are well verse in the utilization of internet.

We at Just-Math is also embarking on the internet. All the cost savings from running it over the internet are passed back to the students in the form of lower fees. We are now launching the learning of Mathematics for all students under the following category:

  1. Form 1, 2 and 3 Mathematics
  2. Form 4 and 5 Modern Mathematics, and
  3. Form 4 and 5 Additional Mathematics
  4. Or, you can opt for a program specially planned for you on an individualized one to one basis. Here you can select what you want to learn, speed of learning or anything specific to your requirement.

Why do you want to follow our program?

  1. Our videos are simple, short and precise to the point
  2. Our videos are directly related to the worksheets assigned
  3. Our study programs are designed with small incremental difficulties and you should have no problems in following our program
  4. Our assignment are short, simple and in small volumes delivered daily so that your learning experience is "sweet"
  5. We conduct review sessions on every Saturday. If you have difficulties or questions, you can join the Skype session.




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So how do we deliver knowledge to students taking our internet learning program?

  1. All you need is
    • an internet connection,
    • an appropriate devise (Smartphone, Tablet or Personal Computer)
    • the WhatsApp communication application,
    • Skype account and
    • a burning desire to learn
  2. We have priced the internet learning at a very competitive pricing which is affordable to all household. The fees is only from RM50 to RM70 a month based on the level you take. For one-to-one individualized package, the fees is only $100 per month. The fees includes
    • daily video explaining the contents of learning of the day.
    • Worksheets for practice is also given on a daily basis. Most students will only need to spend about 15 to 30 minutes a day (Monday to Friday) to work on the worksheets.
    • You can ask questions anytime of the day. A reply with explanation and/or tips to complete the assignment will be given within 6 hours.
    • Once the work is completed, students will take a snapshot of the working and WhatsApp it to me for review.
    • I will give the appropriate feedback where needed.
  3. On every Saturday, between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. I will be available on Skype to help you on areas that you may face problems for the worksheet distributed throughout the week.
  4. To commence the course, you will need to
    • deposit the fees to my Maybank Account Number : 507125051012.
    • Account Name : Kong Seong Fatt and
    • forward me the deposit records for my administrative purpose.
    • This also applies for subsequent monthly fees.
    • Your program starts the day after payment has been confirmed, usually on the following day.
  5. You will need to also forward me the following information :
    • Student's Name
    • Student's Age
    • Student's School Form
    • For form 4 and 5 students, the subject of interest, i.e. Modern Math or Add Math

If you have any enquiry, WhatsApp me at 019-4728768So,


So, what are the benefits of learning math on-line?

  1. Save travel time to and from tuition center
  2. Save travel cost to and from tuition center
  3. Avoid traffic jam to and from tuition center
  4. Avoid looking for places to park your vehicle while waiting for tuition to finish
  5. Avoid the stress encountered in item 1 to 4
  6. Parents and children can stay at home to learn
  7. Student can choose to learn at any time as learning materials are delivered digitally to your WhatsApp account
  8. Students can review videos multiple time to increase understanding
  9. Students can ask questions anytime. Guidance can be given to the student to review at any time.
  10. Assignments are given on a daily basis in small doses so that the students are not overly-burdened.
  11. Parents can choose to know what the children are learning or how they are coping by being in the WhatsApp group with your child
  12. The fees are generally lower for online learning
  13. There are no additional material cost for photocopying as all materials are distributed digitally.
  14. Students also learn to improve on written communication in English while interacting with the tutor. I make it a point to use proper language in communicating with students.

I will ensure that the learning process is beneficial to the students (no spoon-fed).

  1. I first require them to recheck if answers given are wrong,
  2. I then give suggestions,
  3. if students are still unable to arrive at the answer, I will forward them the answers (without working) for them to to re-attempt
  4. Finally, if the student still cannot understand, a video about the problem will be forwarded.

I have tested the running of the program on several students of various levels. All of them are progressing well.

The on-line program is suitable for students in Standard 4 and above, up to Form 5 (modern and additional mathematics).

Some snap-shot of WhatsApp communication between students and myself are as below :


Every assignment submitted by student is reviewed and the needed comments given to ensure students learn effectively.



We guide students along the way in completing their assignments.


Encouragement and suggestion to students on how they can improvement themselves.



Some small tips to help students understand what they are doing. Sometimes, these small help and tips are very valuable to students.


Getting students to redo their assignment after letting them know how the steps of proper calculation.



Students gets specific help like getting extra areas that they can practice to improve themselves.



Guidance form an important component of the program. It will help students learn well.


A video on the Essentials of Matrix for Form 4 and Form 5. Our explanation are clear and straight to point. They do not take up unnecessary time viewing contents that are not relevant to the subject matter.

View some of our teaching videos that accompanies the relevant worksheets for practice to mastering essential skills in mathematics.

Three digit numbers divided by two digit divider


Five digit number divided by two digit divider.

Rewriting of expression of terms.



Expanding and simplifying expression.


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