Our Math Worksheet are of International Quality

Our worksheets are designed to facilitate self  learning of mathematics in an effective way. Students working with Just-Math worksheets require very minimal help from the centre math instructor as these worksheets are specially prepared for students to self guided learning. Every child attending the Just-Math Program will be able to handle the assigned worksheets with ease after an initial assessment by the centre instructor. During each class attendance, the instructor at the math centre will observe the students completing their worksheets to determine if they are ready to progress to subsequent worksheets which are of higher level of difficulty..

The cycle of learning, mastering and progressing is continuously monitored when the children attends each classes. Our monitoring mechanism ensures that each students works on the worksheets at optimal pace.

Our specially crafted worksheets are comparable to international brands like K*mon Maths and EyeLevel Maths (Previously Enopi). The worksheets are also regularly updated to ensure learning focus is achieved.

Here are some visuals of the samples of worksheets.

20140505_183020(896x350)Preschool Level – These worksheets are introduced to students who needs to improve in pattern recognition and number association to these patterns. These worksheet will help in strengthening the mental visualisation of numbers to patterns.

20140505_183051(896x350)Preschool Level – These worksheets reinforces the concept of next number (given a number). This concept reinforces the addition concept in mathematics. For example, 4 comes after 3 – which also means that adding 1 to 3 becomes 4.

20140505_183153(896x350)Primary One – after a student has mastered the next number concept via the addition of 1 to a number, addition of 2 is introduced to further reinforce the concept of addition of larger number.

20140505_183226(896x350)Primary One – larger addition to numbers are introduced to facilitate the full mastery of addition.

20140505_183257(896x350)Primary One – larger addition to numbers are introduced to facilitate the full mastery of addition.

20140505_183419(896x350)Primary One – every worksheet in the just-Math program is carefully designed to maximise the learning ability of children. Children learns to be independent in their learning journey. This reinforces confidence in them along the way.

20140505_183534(896x350)Primary Two – progressing smoothly is a result of carefully prepared worksheets that has taken years to design. Your child can benefit from these well researched worksheets to improve their math ability.

20140505_183741(896x350) Primary Three and Four

20140505_183624(896x350) Primary Four

20140505_183835(896x350) Primary Four

20140505_183913(896x350) Primary Five

20140505_183949(896x350) Primary Five

20140505_184027(896x350) Primary Six

20140505_184158(896x350) Secondary One

20140505_184247(896x350) Secondary Two

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