Primary Math Tuition Farlim Penang

Primary school children need a good understanding of number concepts to excel in mathematics. Here in Just-Math, located at 32-B, Medan Angsana 2, Farlim, Penang gives your child an opportunity to explore and master the very basics of mathematics. Children of younger ages can commence by studying the relationships of numbers. We provide very comprehensive materials to support the learning of number relations and number sequences. The children learns to master this basic skills to be applied in their later studies. Children of ages as young as 4 years oldĀ can benefit greatly from our math program. Start your children as soon as possible to maximise their learning potential.

Pattern Number Association

It is important for children to have good pattern and number association.


Upon mastering number relationships and number sequences, your child will be introduced the concept of adding numbers. Comprehensive and well planned worksheets ensures that your child learns with minimal difficulties. Our worksheets introduces addition with worksheets that contains small incremental difficulties to ease learning process.

Name, Date, Time

Students will need to fill in their name, Date and completion time.

The process of learning and mastering is repeated in all important areas of mathematics to ensure your child learns mathematics effectively. Our program caters for students from pre-school up till pre-university levels.

Please visit our main page at for more comprehensive information. You can also call me at 019-4728768 for any enquiries.

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