Private Math Tuition Penang

Many students do not have the ability to work on math problems on their own. This could be due to several issues. These issues could be as follows:

  1. Weak calculation ability due to weak foundation in math
  2. Weak language ability. They could not comprehend the literature in which math problems is delivered
  3. Weak in analytical skills. Even though they are relatively acceptable in language comprehension, but they lack the ability to form a mental picture of the problem being delivered.

These students will need a math facilitator to help them while practicing their math. Here I can help your child having the above issues by providing a one-to-one math tuition. You can either come to my math centre or I can make arrangement to be at your home to guide your child in math. My fees is RM40 an hour.

However we do have individualised math tuition conducted at our math centre with a standardised package of  RM80 a month comprising of 8 classes. Each class is about 45 minutes. For this package, your child will need to take an assessment to determine his / her level of math ability. With this assessment, we will work on a learning plan starting with the areas that your child is comfortable working with. His / her progress will be closely monitored. If the progress is acceptable, we will advance the child according to his ability. If we notice weakness, we will zoom in to give more practice to strengthen the weak areas so that they will be able to progress smoothly in subsequent levels. For these standardised package, please visit our main page at for more information. You may also call me or message me at 019-4728768. My number can also be reached via WhatsApp.

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