Small Group Math Tuition Farlim Penang

Small Group Tuition offers some very good solution to weak students. Here the math facilitator can effectively identify the specific area of weakness in each student. We can then find ways and means to address these weak areas by looking for the correct materials to supplement the area of weakness. In the mean time students can continue to learn and practice their current school level material.

For student who are not staying near Farlim, Air Itm, we offer another attractive option of online tuition. The tuition will be life, as such students can ask question there and then.  You only need a tablet with writing capabilities, a stable internet connection, and a Skype account. When tuition sessions are on, students only need to connect me through Skype and the session can commence immediately. Doubts and questions will be addressed real time.

A typical sharing session can be seen in the YouTube clip below.

If you have an interest on this alternative delivery method (no matter where you are from), please call me 019-47828768 or give me an email to The details of the requirement will be given to you.




For the small group package, it is organised to have a minimum of 4 students in a group. Each group can have a maximum of 6 students. The fees for this particular package is RM60 per hour. Students can share the cost of the hourly fees. If there are four students, each student will be charged RM15 an hour. If there are six students, then it would be RM10 per hour for each student.


If you are interested in this particular package, please source for a minimum of 4 students to secure a slot. We provide an air-conditioned room at our math centre for this purpose. We cater for students up to form 5 for both modern and additional mathematics.


We also provide a standard individualised learning of mathematics package which has its own advantage. For more information regarding this standardised package, please visit our main page at or you can reach me by conventional call or WhatsApp at 019-4728768.

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