Specialised Math For Children Ages 4 and Above | Farlim Penang

Looking for a math program for your precious child? Our Math Development Program is designed for self pace learning. This feature takes off the stress of your child trying to cope with the sometimes “too fast pace” in the class. Your child can learn as fast as he / her want. Or he / she can take time to polish up on areas that requires them to fully master.

Our Math Program is unique. It brings in the Individualised Learning Method to deal with each child’s learning behaviour. Upon enrolling for the program, your child will go through a simple assessment to determine his strength and weakness in Math. Based on the results of the assessment, a learning path will be drawn up to fully address any current weakness. Once the weakness is properly addressed, then your child will experience an accelerated learning pace until he meet the next hurdle. Our program monitors very closely the progress of your child to ensure only necessary exercise is given.

Most franchised Math Programs are expensive ranging between RM150 to RM200 per month. You can achieve the same result with our math program. Our worksheets are specially prepared to assist self pace learning. Our fees is only RM80 per month. You attend a total of 8 classes a month, i.e. about 2 classes a week. Each class duration is about 45 minutes. For more details please point to our main page at www.kongseongfatt.com or you can personally call me at 019-4728768 for more information.

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