Specialised Math In Penang

When it comes to selecting a specialised mathematics development program for your child, two factors of consideration will come in play. Firstly, the quality of the program – whether it will be able to help your child improved in mathematics skills. Secondly, the cost of the program – it should offer acceptable quality with reasonable cost. Just-Math will provide both considerations. While our program is of good quality, it is also priced very reasonable. Our monthly fees is only RM80, inclusive of all learning materials. Our materials are of high quality in terms of content. Other similar programs in the market usually charged between RM160 to RM180 per month.

There are many specialised mathematics development program available in Malaysia. Most of these programs are individualised in nature. This means that each student has their own learning plans and it is tailored specifically to the child’s own ability.

In Just-Math, we also deliver mathematics development programs that are individualised in nature. When your child first enrol with the program, a very simple assessment will be given to determine the level of skill and ability in math. Some children may be in Standard 3, but their skills in calculation are lacking, making it very difficult to learn and follow mathematics in school. In these circumstances, the child will be put through an accelerated learning program starting with the area that the child is able to calculate comfortably. We will monitor the child’s progress closely and will advance him / her as fast as the child can move on. With the accelerated learning plan, he / she will be able to catch up to their school level within 12 months to 18 months (depending on the child and learning circumstances).

As an example, let me introduce you a real case study. A child in Standard One who could not even count numbers beyond 10 when he first enroll. Here we start by building his ability to read and recognise numbers starting from 1 to 10, then 11 to 20 and thereafter get him to be able to read and recognise numbers up to 250. Not only reading and recognising, but also being able to know which number is larger than the other. After being able to know number sequence with ease, we progress him to addition. We introduce addition of small numbers first and thereafter grow the numbers to larger ones. Once he is able to perform addition with ease, subtraction is introduced. After 12 months, he is able to perform addition like 15 + 17  and subtraction like 25-7 with ease. Of course the improvement does not come magically, but with hard work from the student, support and encouragement from the parents and most importantly a math mentor who is able to identify and rectify the difficulties the child is facing.

Your child, or for the matter any child can benefit from the program by Just-Math. Efforts, paitent, perseverence, support and working with the right materials will bring success to the child. YOUR CHILD CAN BE GOOD IN MATH, have faith.

Bring your child in for a free assessment and free trial classes. You as a parent will appreciate the difficulties that your child is facing by discussing with us. You can have more information by visiting our main page at http://www.kongseongfatt.com


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