Superior Mathematics Development Program

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Why is our program superior compared to others in the market?

  1. Individualized Learning – Each child that comes into our program will go through an assessment to determine his / her current math ability. From here a learning program that suits the child’s math ability is formulated. With the learning plan formulated from the assessment, your child will not face any difficulty in starting the learning program.
  2. Progress based on ability – Your child’s progress will follow his / her pace. There is no pressure in learning beyond their present ability. Our program will ensure your child progress with little difficulties.
  3. Step by Step Learning – our program uses worksheets that are carefully planned in small incremental difficulties. There are no sudden spike in difficulty level. They will progress in a smooth environment.
  4. Flexible learning program – Your child can study multiple levels at one time so long as their present skills allow them to do so. We will actively monitor their ability to ensure optimal learning.
  5. Flexible time – You pick the time and day to attend the classes as long as we are open
  6. Affordable Monthly Fees – Our fees are the most reasonable compared with Kumon, Enopi, Mental Arithmetic and other specialized mathematics development program. You get similar results by spending a lot less.


You can choose either the physical center or the On-Line Channel in empowering your child in Mathematics. Call or WhatsApp us at 019-4728768 now.


Our Quality Math Learning Materials


A sample of the on-line channel delivery via WhatsApp


The physical math learning center


“WhatsApp” the online delivery channel. No Jams, No Parking Problems, Save Transport Cost & Convenient.


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