What you can expect from Just-Math

Looking for a good math program? Why not consider a program that offers better learning flexibility, more cost efficient and you get the same quality and learning outcome? Not only will Just-Math Mathematics Center help your child improve in mathematics using similar methods adopted by major international brands, but we are able to do it at a lower cost to you. On top of that, we are offering you a no obligation 2 free trial lessons for you to assess our program. Please read on.

The delivery methods of Just-Math are as follows : , i.e. children comes to classes two times a week. Each class will be between 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the child’s ability and concentration level. Under normal circumstances, the class duration will be between 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Your child will also get daily math worksheets as homework. They will spend roughly between 15 to 20 minutes a day to complete these math worksheets. Daily and consistent practice is key to mastering mathematics..


Children who has learning difficulties can also follow this math program as the worksheets are designed to handle all different learning abilities. Under normal circumstances, you will be able to see good improvement in their calculation ability in 4 to 6 months.


While you are here, let me tell you a real story of a student with me. This boy, by the name of Neal (not his real name) came to my centre about two months ago. He was in primary one when he and his parents came to see me. I conducted a simple verbal test on Neal. Surprisingly he was only able to verbally say numbers up to 10. Beyond the number 10, everything seem to be unknown to him. He could not even say “eleven”, or when pointed to the number “11” he is not able register anything in his mind. I knew at that time that it would be a mountainous task teaching Neal numbers. As a math mentor, I just could not turn Neal and his parents away. I accepted him as a student and started to probe more in detail about his abilities and skills. I could not find any deficiency physically or mentally on Neal. I started to give him number tables for him to fill in the blanks. As expected, he was only able to work on these worksheets until the number “10”, anything beyond “10” he refuses to attempt even after jointly pointing numbers and repeating the numbers vocally with him. He just refuses to register anything beyond “10”. The first day, he goes back home without learning anything beyond the number “10”.


Neal came to class again after 2 days. A check on his homework revealed that he only perform filling numbers on the number sheet up to “10”. After seeing this, I again assigned the same worksheet to him to complete filling numbers up to “20“. I told him that if he is unable to complete the worksheet himself is permitted to look at the number chart to copy the numbers in. After 5 minutes he came back to me, again filing numbers up to “10” only. I then started to get serious with him and told him that I would not let him go back home if he did not complete the worksheets. He took the worksheet back to his table and does nothing more. 30 minutes passes, Neal’s mother came to fetch him from class. I told Neal’s mother that we need to enforce some discipline on Neal. We agreed that he will not be allowed to go home if the worksheet is not completed. Neal’s mother left and waited outside out of sight. Neal then reluctantly continued with the worksheet and finally completed his worksheet to “20”. From then, he completes all his assignment promptly upon being handed to him.


Today, after 2 months, he is now able to recognise and read numbers up to 180. He is even able to work on worksheets that require him to write the next number when given a certain number. E.g. 20 —-> 21. His parents were pleased with Neal’s progress. This is something that Neal could not achieved for two years in kindergarten.



A typical class in progress.

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